Industrial Hygiene

With its experience in industrial hygiene, IHInternational offers a very diversified range of services to its customers. Our certified personnel has the necessary training and expertise to develop and carry out assessments for every aspect of industrial hygiene. All laboratories we collaborate with fully certified and accredited. Whether it is for anticipating, recognizing, evaluating or controlling the environmental factors present in your workplace, IHInternational has the experience to guide and assist its clients through the provision of innovative and economically viable, and sustainable solutions.

Services offered

  • Air Monitoring (VOCs, toxic gases, vapours, and dust).
  • Asbestos Management (registers, programs, and procedures).
  • Bulk Sampling.
  • Radiation / Radon Control.
  • Moulds and Bacterias (e.g. Legionella).
  • Acoustic and Noise Control.
  • Thermal Stress.
  • Illumination.
  • Ventilation (local exhaust ventilation).
  • Indoor Air Quality.
  • Worksite Inspection.